Team Solus

Callen Hale

13 & under Junior Men

Callen, currently at the ripe ole age of 10, was onboard a mountain bike at age 6. His skill level really took off during 2020 as he spent countless hours riding with friends and family.

Callen started entering enduros and pump track races in 2021 and as the youngest in his class is placing well. He gains a lot of knowledge and experience during each race and hopes to eventually compete for the podium as he gets older.

His favorite kind of riding is definitely mountain biking, but he does love dirt jumping to work on new tricks and riding the pump tracks.

Callen is most proud of hitting Drop the Hammer at Coler.

Callen’s favorite vacation was to Spider-Mountain because he got to ride his bike all day without any climbing. When he’s not riding Callen is learning to play the guitar. It’s no surprise his favorite video game is Descenders, a downhill biking game.

Goals: Learn wheelies, make a podium at an enduro, no-footer, compete in NICA

Micah Menefee

13 & under Junior Men

In April of 2020, Micah went on a family walk to the park and decided to take his bike, which he had outgrown and hadn’t been ridden in ages. Some high school kids had built some small jumps in the park, and after sending them (maybe 6 inches off the ground), he was hooked.

With a little coaching, in 2 months he went from barely getting off the ground to flying over the 20 foot tabletops around NWA, and then the pro-lines at the bike parks.

He now splits his time between his full squish, dirt jumper, and BMX bikes, learning new tricks, and looking to apply his cross-country running fitness to enduro racing in 2022.

Micah is most proud of being able to ride the pro line at The Railyard. He loves doing a one-footer on the big gap jump.

Micah’s favorite vacation has been Colorado because he was able to ride at a few different bike parks and ride down Vail and Copper mountains.

If he could be any animal Micah determined it would be a bike shop dog because he would get lots of attention and get to hang out in a bike shop all day and get to run along on the trail rides.

When he’s not riding Micah enjoys mowing lawns with his own lawnmower.

Goals: Enter Enduro in 2022, drop the hammer, tuck no-hander, 360


Abigail Hill

Pro Women

Abigail started “riding” around May of 2019 on a buddy’s hard tail and quickly tore the bike to shreds. After putting around on some cheapies she finally realized the importance of having a decent ride. It only took her eating some serious rocks at Lake Leatherwood after crashing a Dick’s Sporting Goods special.

Abigail recently got into racing and became quickly attached to the atmosphere. She believes there is something special about being around so many others pushing themselves to limits they didn’t even know existed.

Abigail loves ALL trails. Each route has something special to offer and she chooses her route based on what she needs the most practice on. For endurance training she likes to hit some of the smoother trails, such as Back 40/Tunnel Vision. For bike handling practice, she enjoys the “Best Trail Ever” at Mount Fitzgerald. If she’s just going out for fun, her general rule of thumb, is the chunkier, the better. Rocks rock.

She finished the AES season in second place overall for Pro Women, even though she beat the pros times when she was AM and expert.

Some of her favorite times on the bike is being able to complete a climb that she couldn’t get up the previous time on the trail.

When she’s not biking, Abigail loves running, hiking, kayaking, and rock climbing.

Goals: Win Pro Women Enduro 2022 and enter a few XC races

Eric Salazar

18-29 AM Men

Eric spent most of his college years on a longboard or a bike: commuting, downhill, road rides.

He dipped into the mountain biking scene after he received his brother's hand-me-down Trek Superfly and started exploring the NWA trail scene. After a move to Oakland CA for work, he began riding the California dust and rocks as often as he could, living the weekend warrior lifestyle.

After a while on the XC rig, he knew he needed a sturdier rig and settled for an Enduro bike. Trails unlocked! He rode heavily for the last year, relocating back to NWA at the start of 2021.

His first bike race was Passion Play, Eureka Springs - and he was hooked entirely. A few races since, he has surprised himself by placing on the podium a few times! He finished the AES season second place overall for 18-29 AM Men.

Eric has found the trail helps him find a rare focus and believes there is infinite variability in how you ride a trail, so it suits almost any occasion - really letting you dig into creativity and personal limits.

While he’s not riding Eric is a perpetual wrencher and constantly fixing things and enjoys winters due to his love of skiing.

Goals: Turn expert

Shane Halvorsen

Expert Men

Shane grew up in Utah surrounded by a lot of land to ride his bike. He would spend hours everyday building jumps, riding, and breaking his cheap big box store bikes. After breaking his bike and both his brothers in one summer, he decided to do some other things with his time and spent the rest of his summers skateboarding and travelling. He spent all his winters skiing in the mountains learning new skills and tricks. When Shane turned 22 his girlfriend decided he needed to start mountain biking again and Shane got his first "real" bike. One day on that bike and everything changed. The girlfriend is now his wife, and they enjoy mountain biking together whenever they can.

Shane spent the next 7 years living in Utah and Las Vegas riding and racing his bike, competing primarily in downhill. He competed in the Utah Downhill Series in the summers and the Bootleg Downhill series in the winter. A consistent top 10 and podium finisher, Shane then moved to Bentonville, Arkansas due to his wife's job.

It took Shane a year to transition into the riding and racing of enduro. His first Podium was a Dual-Slalom event at Coler. The next year he placed in the O-Rock enduro, followed by a First Place finish a month later at the enduro World Series Qualifier in Eureka Springs in the Amateur Class. He then progressed to the Open/Expert Category and got two top 10 results. He got his first Open podium, fifth, at the 2021 Bella Vista Arkansas enduro Series event. Quickly followed up by his best finish, a third at the Bentonville Bike Fest Slaughter Pen enduro.

Shane enjoys riding because it gives him a space like meditation, where the job, worries, money, all disappears, and it just consumes 100% of his focus and energy.

When he’s not riding Shane enjoys skiing, fly fishing, spending time on the lake with his dog Willow.

Goals: turn Pro

Brittany Hale

AM Women

Brittany, who is relatively new to mountain biking began riding as a family activity with her husband, 2 daughters and son Callen who is also on the team. What started as leisurely family rides has quickly turned into impressive gains with enduro racing.

A collegiate soccer player her endurance and toughness carry into her biking and exercise in general as she enjoys partaking in outdoor activities in general.

Brittany’s favorite places to ride in Northwest Arkansas are Hobbs State Park, Hand Cut Hollow and Slaughter Pen, notably in the Spring and Fall. While downhills are preferable, she enjoys testing herself on the up hills.

Goals: Keep pace with her son Callen

Ryan Lawrence

30-39 AM Men

Born and raised in Utah, Ryan started racing BMX in 1999 as well as skateboarding and riding freestyle. After competing in the local competitions and riding BMX street/Dirt for 17 years he got into downhill mountain biking and would frequently session the bike parks in the Rocky Mountains each summer.

After moving to NWA in 2014 he continued riding BMX but once he saw the awesome trails being built all over he got into riding mountain bikes and built a trail at the end of his street leading to the Back 40 trails where you will find him doing most of his riding.

He has found a passion for helping those interested in improving their riding by coaching and encouraging them to ride out of their comfort zone. It’s the excitement riders have when they conquer a drop or gap that keeps Ryan enthusiastic about riding.

Ryan’s favorite places to ride are in bike parks like Deer Valley in Utah or Winter Park in Colorado. When he’s not riding, Ryan has a long list of hobbies including golfing.

He believes biking has kept him out of trouble and believes those “up hills” help keep his “dad bod” in check.

Ryan remembers getting the bike he always wanted… Christmas 2001. Standard STA BMX bike

Goals: be in shape and be fast, KOMs

Kevin Foss

50+ AM Men

Learning to ride a bike late, at age 7, he then wouldn’t stop. A huge Evel Knievel fan, imitated him on his bike doing seat stand wheelies and jumping anything.

Growing up on BMX, riding local spots including the infamous Itasca BMX track then later the Elgin Hill track in Illinois.

A former 1980’s Pro BMX Freestyler Kevin rode for Zeronine, and then Murray Bicycles and Jolly Rancher candies. With 115 shows in the summer of 1986 in 40 states, many at Walmart grand openings. Kevin appeared in all the BMX/Freestyle magazines of the time, including the back cover of Marvel comics all issues for 3 months.

After visiting NWA to put on the potential retirement list Kevin couldn’t wait for retirement and moved to NWA and took up mountain biking in the land of OZ. His favorite trails to ride are the Big 4 in NWA: Back 40, Little Sugar, Coler and Slaughter Pen. Especially Wonderland and Ledges.

Kevin remembers getting the bike he always wanted after saving $325 of paper route money for a 1977 Redline Proline. Second most memorable was his 1983 Haro Freestyler frame & fork.

Kevin enjoys riding because it is the only thing that can completely engross him, nothing else matters, being in the moment, evading disaster and solving problems.

Goals: Stay healthy to keep riding and put up a respectable time once in a while; KOMs.